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23rd November 2018

IDS Celebrates its 20 Year Anniversary of Continuous Global Service to Premier Oil

Since 1998, IDS has provided drilling reporting and geological reporting services to Premier Oil on all its offshore and onshore wells in locations across the world. Working with Premier was pivotal to IDS’s move to the web when, as an in-house project, Premier implemented a basic HTML front end to the locally delivered IDS reporting database. Today, these basic drilling reporting services have been complemented with geological, cost and safety reporting while new automation and analytics services promise to help Premier Oil achieve its goals of cost reduction and maximizing the use of data in their upcoming Indonesian, North Sea and Falklands drilling campaigns.

John Hanson, CEO and founder of IDS, recalls signing the original global agreement with what was then ‘Premier Oil and Gas Ltd’….. ‘’ The 1998 global services agreement came about after working with Premier in Australia and Myanmar in 1997. At the time, IDS software was installed locally from a couple of 3.5” discs. It quickly became apparent that Premier Oil’s global operations demanded reporting services of equivalent reach and with open access, thus our agreement with Premier Oil was one of the key drivers behind IDS’s very early adoption of web technology for its reporting services. A cooperative relationship indeed.”

Phil Stratford, Premier Oil Group Head of Well Engineering and Decommissioning adds: IDS has become our global standard for wells reporting and lessons learned. We are delighted to have established such a long and close relationship with John and the team, and look forward to the next 20 years.

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About Premier Oil

Premier Oil plc is a leading independent exploration and production company with oil and gas interests in the North Sea, South East Asia, the Falkland Islands, and Latin America.