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The Leading Cloud Reporting Services Provider to the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry

Founded in 1995, IDS is now the leading provider of cloud-delivered reporting and analytics services to the upstream oil and gas industry. Our first on-line reporting service went live in 2001, and we have led the way in SaaS ever since with services to operators, drilling contractors and service companies alike.

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Transforming data into knowledge through frictionless, automated workflows.

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To lead digital transition by harnessing the power of disruptive innovation.

Code of Conduct

IDS’ Code of Conduct (the Code) is our public commitment to conducting our business profitably and with integrity. The Code aims to build trust within IDS and across the broader community of clients and suppliers. The code of conduct is a public statement of our commitment to be a respected and trusted business partner and employer. It is also our governing ethos and is implemented in all parts of our operations.

Then, Now & The Future

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The history of IDS is one of continuous innovation. Founded in 1995 in Adelaide, Australia, our first deliverable was a simple, floppy disc-based daily drilling reporting system – the ‘Drilling Data Package’ - which was released to market in March 1996 and aimed specifically at reporting for the Operator. This was quickly followed by a companion product, the ‘Geological Data Package’ which covered the reporting needs of the Wellsite Geologist. From the beginning, IDS offered all services on a daily or monthly pay-as-you-go basis, a model which anticipated by several years the now standard subscription/usage of today’s on-line services. Early experiments with the ‘Bulletin Board System’, the predecessor to the web, convinced the founders of the service delivery potential of the rapidly emerging dot com environment of the late ‘90s. Accordingly, in 1999 we re-wrote the entire application as an end-to-end web-delivered solution. A bold move given that ‘The Cloud’ had yet to be described and a 28k dial-up modem was considered fast. IDS DrillNet, our first on-line service, was rolled out in early 2001 to Unocal in Indonesia followed by what has become an eco-system of complementary products covering safety (SafeNet), cost (CostNet) and interventions / P&A reporting (ProNet). With the web-delivered services well established in Australia, IDS started a geographical expansion into Asia, the Middle East and Europe. We also grew our service offering with the release in 2010 of ‘TourNet’, an IADC and operational reporting service for Drilling Contractors.

Like all service companies, the downturn that began in mid-2014 had an immediate negative impact on both our current operations and on our growth plans for 2015 and beyond. However, the contraction in demand allowed us time to think more broadly around the reporting services we were offering and how we could best deliver value to our partners and customers. This led directly to the development of our ‘Anova’ analytics package - a powerful enterprise level analysis tool that gave the end-user meaningful insights via an extensive range of custom reports and dashboards.

Running Anova analytics on IDS in-house dataset, it very quickly became apparent that much reporting data was of indifferent quality, particularly the ‘activities’ descriptions which, because they are the source of the NPT and ILT narrative, represented a measurable loss of value to the owner of the data. With ‘manual’ issues identified as the main cause of the poor data quality, IDS set its sights on automating data entry, releasing the first version of its LAR (Lean Automated Reporting) service in early 2017. LAR combines WITSML data import, rig state analysis and ‘FileBridge’, a custom report parsing application, to deliver a data-driven DDR or IADC report with the absolute minimum of human interaction.

Building on the move into the world of WITSML and operational state detection, IDS released its DPM (Drilling Performance Monitoring) service in 2018. DPM is an on-line service, processing WITSML data to deliver detailed operational KPIs and benchmarks via dashboards. The DPM fully complements the analysis of daily report (‘static’) data in Anova and is used by both drilling contractors and operators alike. DPM signals IDS’ move away from delivering a stand-alone reporting package to being an integrated reporting/analytics solutions provider that merges low frequency (manual, reported) data with high frequency (automated, real-time) data to deliver a 360° any-time view of operations at the well site. Most recently, IDS has deployed a new Scorecard / Dynamic KPIs and Lookahead option which allows the user to build and manage operational KPIs and to drive a dynamic lookahead from a single interface.

In much the same way that the introduction of Anova analytics identified manual data entry errors, the deployment of the DPM service highlights underlying sensor and environmental issues that lead to poor quality real-time data. Accordingly, IDS has committed itself to developing and deploying ‘LighthouseDQM’, a real time Data Quality Monitoring service that analyses and certifies each data record before it is posted downstream for analysis and presentation.

With Lighthouse/DQM in place and a fully validated real-time data set to work with, IDS will shortly introduce its ACRE (Automated Common Reporting Environment) service. ACRE provides automated operations reporting for both the Operator and the Drilling Contractor via a simplified interface from a single, common data set to deliver the DDR and IADC reports. By automating data capture and entry, ACRE delivers a single version of the truth for both Operator and Drilling Contractor, eliminating double entry of data by service companies and requiring the operator representative and contractor representative to report only observations, exceptions and summaries. ACRE will revolutionise the operational reporting ecosystem while delivering a trusted system of record.

The history of IDS is one of continuous innovation. As are the present and the future…

(John Hanson, CEO, Jan 21)


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IDS is a contributing member to the steering committee set up by Energistics to push the adoption of WITSML standard. Energistics is a global consortium that facilitates an inclusive user community for the development, deployment and maintenance of collaborative technologies using open data exchange standards for the upstream oil and natural gas industry.


Several of the IDS team leaders are members of SPE, the largest organisation serving managers, engineers, scientists and other professionals worldwide in the upstream segment of the oil and gas industry. SPE is a key resource for technical information related to oil and gas exploration and production and provides services online and through its publications, meetings, and other programs.

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IDS is a member of the PPDM Association, which defines and creates standards to help oil and gas companies manage exploration and production data and has also been instrumental in developing and introducing oil and gas management standards that are built around business rules and best practices.

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IDS is an active member of The Malaysian Oil & Gas Services Council (MOGSC), which is committed to promoting the Malaysian Oil & Gas services sector and representing members' interests towards establishing Malaysia as a services hub for the oil & gas industry.