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Lean Automated Reporting (LAR)

Lean Automated Reporting optimises the data flow from the point of acquisition to the delivery of analytics and knowledge extraction.


DrillNet provides users with a sophisticated web-based solution for capturing, tracking, analysing, and reporting on all drilling and completions activities.


A web-delivered, WITSML enabled reporting solution designed for the wellsite geologist to capture all operational information necessary to generate and distribute an electronic daily geology report.


A web-delivered completions and interventions reporting service featuring a fully-integrated drawing package and campaign life-cycle manager.


A rig focused software solution specifically designed to meet the operational reporting requirements of drilling contractors.


Enables advanced HSEQ reporting and analytics coupled with Lessons Learned


A tool to monitor and analyse all costs. Data entry is intuitive; with automatic carry-forward options for recurring costs and the ability to select costs from the approved AFE or available cost codes.

Lessons Learned

On-the-fly Lessons Learned capture and recall. Lessons are linked to activities and all surrounding metadata for easy search and recovery with world-leading search engine.


Greenday harnesses the power of detailed reporting to the IDS Anova analytics service and delivers results straight to your mobile device . For the first time, teams and individuals have operational intelligence at their fingertips: real insight into existing operations and current operational performance


Anova simplifies analytics by providing pre-built operational charts and dashboards for KPIs, benchmarking, and optimization. This eliminates the need for data mining, programming, data science specialists, and expensive analytics software licences.

Anova DPM

Drilling Performance Monitoring is the most detailed view of operational performance data available and the ultimate near real-time and post-well analysis tool, allowing the operator or rig contractor to determine precise event durations for all the key operational aspects of the well.

Anova Data Science

Established to apply statistical and probabilistic analysis to the Anova Database (ADB) and the Anova Community Database (ACDB); IDS's Data Scientists leaverage machine learning, natural language processing to reveal operational insight in your data.


Support for retrieval of reporting data through WITSML either in Client - Server configuration or WITSML Documents.

EDM Bridge

Bi-directional connection to Halliburton Landmark EDM(r) Datamodel. Allowing intervention-less data exchange between EDM and IDS DataNet.


Integrated support for the IADC DDR Plus(tm) format in TourNet and Data Export/Access.

NPD (Regulatory) Export

Seamless export to the NPD reporting requirements. This also extends to other regulatory formats.


Access to modern API to retrieve any data from the IDS DataNet Repository, can be customised to suit client requirements.


FileBridge is the only service that takes unstructured reports and delivers the content as structured contextualised data in a single end-to-end process.


Wordbridge is an add-in to the MS Word tool bar and opens a direct, live connection between the current Word document instance and the IDS ‘DataNet’ database.

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IDS Provides Innovative Reporting Solutions.

IDS has been providing web-delivered operational reporting solutions to the upstream oil and gas industry in locations across the world for over twenty years.

  • Web-Delivered – Global Access Anywhere, Anytime
  • Unlimited Users – No Charge per Seat
  • Electronic Reporting – Streamline Data Management
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  • Integrated Solutions – Minimise Manual Data Entry
  • WITSML Powered - Maximise Data Sharing
  • Custom Graphs and Dashboards – Represent Data Visually

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Schlumberger Acquires Independent Data Services.

September 2021

We are excited to announce the acquisition of Independent Data Services (IDS) by Schlumberger.

IDS received 'DDR Plus' Certification from IADC Analytics (2021).

IDS is thrilled to receive 'DDR Plus' certification from the International Association of Drilling Contractors!

IDS received 'DDR Plus' Certification from IADC Analytics (2020).

IDS is thrilled to receive 'DDR Plus' certification from the International Association of Drilling Contractors!

IDS to carry out rig reporting and performance analytics for Stena Drilling

IDS has been awarded a six-figure fleet-wide deal with Stena Drilling for the world’s first fully integrated online reporting and analytics services. IDS to carry out rig reporting and performance analytics for Stena Drilling.

Geoff Cann podcast - Interview with David Shackleton from IDS

Discuss about data collection, some of the challenges faced by upstream oil and gas that IDS can solve, and some of the new technologies will be valuable for upstream oil and gas.

IDS Celebrates its 20 Year Anniversary of Continuous Global Service to Premier Oil.

Phil Stratford, Premier Oil Group Head of Well Engineering and Decommissioning adds: IDS has become our global standard for wells reporting and lessons learned. We are delighted to have established such a long and close relationship with John and the team, and look forward to the next 20 years.