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TourNet Pro
The Ultimate Rig Reporting Software Solution



TourNet Pro is a rig focused software solution specifically designed to meet the operational reporting requirements of drilling contractors. As a web-delivered collaborative application, TourNet Pro extracts operational intelligence, giving drilling contractors the unique benefit of understanding exactly how their rigs are performing. The system is fully scalable and provides strategic monitoring at the rig, region, and fleet wide levels.


Extensive Integration to Streamline Data Management

TourNet Pro provides global access to data analysis and has extensive third party integrations including SAP, Workforce, and SharePoint. The IADC report is produced without any additional data entry, allows for digital sign-off, and can be automatically distributed to a preconfigured list of recipients. Detailed internal activity coding is mapped to generic IADC codes to streamline the data management process. All information can be presented based on established IADC tours.

Intelligent Benchmarking Tool for Reducing NPT
With TourNet Pro, drilling contractors can obtain crucial insight into their company’s operational performance through pre-configured dashboards and advanced benchmarking visualisations. These dashboards and visualisations encompass information relative to time analysis, cost details and comparisons, as well as other benchmarking metrics. As a powerful web-delivered application, TourNet Pro captures NPT to help ensure a prosperous future for drilling contractors. Operational knowledge can be exported to Adobe®Acrobat®.PDF, Microsoft Excel®, and Microsoft Word.

  • Fleet wide access to data analysis
  • Integration with third party applications (ie. SAP, Workforce, and SharePoint)
  • IADC report produced without additional data entry
  • Digital sign-off of contractor and IADC reports
  • Drill-pipe tracking/inventory management tool
  • Detailed internal activity coding mapped to generic IADC codes
  • Track rig equipment and equipment down time 
  • Information can be presented based on established IADC Tours


IDS IADC Certificate


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