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PlanNet - Moving the Whiteboard to the Web



PlanNet is a web-delivered operational planning software application that is completely tailored to project scheduling at the rig and well levels. Traditionally, operational planning has been a completely rigid and manual-entry process, usually taking place on a whiteboard. PlanNet takes that whiteboard to the web, providing an interactive and centralised arena to help users organise their activities as well as track resources and equipment. The primary visual aid used in PlanNet is a Gantt chart which functions as a scheduler, and encompasses drag and drop functionality so that users can easily adjust projects anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

Intuitive Rig and Well Planning
Implementing PlanNet is an easy transition from any existing planning tool that your company may be currently using. The PlanNet interface encompasses the Microsoft™ look and feel, but provides a more flexible and intuitive workflow, allowing for an industry-specific approach to scheduling resources and equipment. Like all IDS solutions, PlanNet makes it easy to ‘add new’ or ‘delete’ any field so that projects can be built or modified on the fly. PlanNet is preconfigured with many oil and gas terms for different operations, phases, and tasks, as well as the option to customise and upload your own via the Microsoft Excel® template. The same process goes for uploading equipment and personnel list details.
PlanNet uses a task data dictionary which functions similar to predictive-text, in that after only typing 3 letters, PlanNet will automatically fill in the correct field, dramatically reducing the time it takes to plan operations, as well as assign resources and equipment.

  • Well and Rig centric scheduling
  • Seamlessly track personnel and equipment
  • High level and task level operational planning
  • Predictive text for intuitive data entry
  • Drag and drop gantt chart
  • Accessible from any device
  • Always have the latest operational plan

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