IDS believes in providing operators, service companies, and drilling contractors with a completely customised solution that is tailored to each company’s unique operational requirements.

Simplify data mining, dynamic benchmarking and analytics. Through a self-service approach, users can analyse multiple sources of data through one single integrated application, making it possible to interrogate and cross-reference real-time, reported data along wih dynamically benchmarked information all through a collection of distinct dashboard and reporting capabilities.

Rig & Well Planning
The IDS operational planning capability can be either rig-focused to reflect the requirements of rig contractors and service companies, or well-focused to adapt to the needs of operators. IDS provides the capability of high-level planning right down to task-level operational planning, and the ability to track resources and equipment. The benefit is that the system is completely accessible by anyone with a login and is globally updated as soon as changes are made so that there are no out-of-date excel spreadsheets floating around. Even suppliers can be given read-only access to the scheduler to see the operational plan.

Strategic Monitoring
By building client specific queries through the visualization capability, IDS allows all users to monitor the issues that directly affect their company’s operating environment. Developing queries that are meaningful to each company’s corporate KPIs ensures that operational performance is always in check, and that procedures are being taken to continually improve efficiencies where there is opportunity to do so.

Regulatory Reporting
IDS provides the seamless submission of all data required by the regulatory entities such as NPD, Dutch Ministry of Energy, Pemex, and SKMigas. With an intuitive and time-saving approach to data entry, IDS captures all aspects of operational reporting requirements, and when no further processing is required, IDS submits the information to the regulatory facilities on behalf of the client at a pre-determined schedule.

Drilling and Completions
With the capability of capturing, tracking, analyzing, and reporting on all drilling and completions activities, users will always have access to the full scope of an operation right from the initial concept to final decommissioning. IDS maintains a record of the work that has been done on the well, wellbore, and operation.

The operational geology capability is focused around producing a daily geology report with minimal time and effort. A significant volume of data can be populated when the user’s system is connected using WITSML to the mud logging data acquisition system. Using this approach about 80% of the daily geology report can be completed without manual entry, leaving only the operation geologist’s comments needed for completion of this report. This saves a lot of time and also delivers a consistent view of the data between mud log and report.

Lessons Learned
Delivered at numerous different levels, this safety capability allows for users to identify potential lessons learned right from the source. In certain instances the start of a lesson is at the point of coding the operational data (so when the event happens). The lessons can be tagged with standard labels to allow easy distribution or recollection when engineers are planning operations.

Cost Tracking
The cost tracking capability is designed around the concept that on a day-to-day well operation, service companies and operators know what services and equipment are being used and what the contractual costs are. Through the application of cost codes and quantities, this will then allow a day-to-day overview of the expenditure on an operation against a pre-determined AFE. IDS provides operations managers with a tool to monitor and analyse all costs. Data entry is intuitive; with automatic carry-forward options for recurring costs and the ability to select costs from the approved AFE or available cost codes.

Rushmore Reviews
IDS has collaborated with Rushmore Reviews in providing an efficient data export service. Operators can now export 99% of the Rushmore spreadsheet directly from their IDS solution; considerably reducing time spent on data analysis. Coupled with this enhancement, IDS has also been mapping operational activity codes to the same operational descriptions that are included in the Rushmore data sheet for consistency in reporting and data analysis.


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