IDS Solutions
Utilising the skills of industry-experienced engineers in conjunction with advanced IT proficiencies, IDS continues to be at the very forefront as an operational reporting and data analysis provider.
IDS Benefits:
  • Web-Delivered – Global Access Anywhere, Anytime
  • Unlimited Users – No Charge per Seat
  • Electronic Reporting – Streamline Data Management
  • 24/7 Global Support – Conveniently Assist if Needed
  • Fully Indexed – Completely Searchable Database
  • Integrated Solutions – Minimise Manual Data Entry
  • WITSML Powered - Maximise Data Sharing
  • Custom Graphs and Dashboards – Represent Data Visually

Relied on by the some of the most reputable operators and service companies in the oil and gas industry, DrillNet provides users with a sophisticated web-based solution for capturing, tracking, analysing, and reporting on all drilling and completions activities. DrillNet covers the full scope of an operation right from the initial concept to final decommissioning.

GeoNet is a web-delivered reporting solution designed for the wellsite geologist to capture all operational information necessary to generate and distribute an electronic daily geology report. A significant volume of data can be populated when the user’s system is connected using WITSML to the mud logging data acquisition system.

TourNet Pro is a rig focused software solution specifically designed to meet the operational reporting requirements of drilling contractors. As a web-delivered collaborative application, TourNet Pro extracts operational intelligence, giving drilling contractors the unique benefit of understanding exactly how their rigs are performing. The system is fully scalable and provides strategic monitoring at the rig, region, and fleet wide levels.

PlanNet is a web-delivered operational planning software application that is completely tailored to project scheduling at the rig and well levels. Traditionally, operational planning has been a completely rigid and manual-entry process, usually taking place on a whiteboard. PlanNet takes that whiteboard to the web, providing an interactive and centralised arena to help users organise their activities as well as track resources and equipment.

Anova simplifies data mining, dynamic benchmarking and analytics. Through a self-service approach, users can analyse multiple sources of data through one single integrated application, making it possible to interrogate and cross-reference real-time, reported data along with dynamically benchmarked information all through a collection of distinct dashboard and reporting capabilities.
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