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Custom Reporting for Operators
Relied on by some of the most well-known players in the oil and gas industry, IDS DrillNet provides operators with an innovative reporting solution for capturing and analysing the full scope of their drilling operation.
For over 20 years, IDS has been refining the core capabilities in DrillNet so that the instantaneous generation of your daily drilling report and final well report provide only a fraction of the functionality available within the system. Professional and Enterprise level DrillNet solutions allow for extensive WITSML imports, the ability to capture data related to completions, workovers, and interventions; all while extracting operational knowledge through cost monitoring, lessons learned, and KPI visualisations.

About IDS
IDS DataNet is the only fully integrated suite of web-delivered reporting services available to the upstream oil & gas industry. DataNet allows authorised drilling engineers, explorationists, logistics and corporate staff to have full and unlimited access to all the data, reports and documents stored in the system, anytime, anywhere. DataNet allows for an unlimited number of authorised users for an unlimited number of rigs and operations.
Our recently introduced Anova analytics package simplifies data mining, dynamic benchmarking and analytics to deliver drilling performance KPIs, benchmarks and technical limits across the operational spectrum.


Lean Automated Reporting

IDS Lean Automated Reporting optimises the data flow from the point of acquisition to the delivery of analytics and knowledge extraction, removing, wherever possible, all manual data entry and processing.
Our mission is to provide high quality software services backed up by 24/7 support from a dedicated, global team.


A relatively simple concept, ‘lean’ means maximising value while minimising waste – in short, more from less.  The goal is to offer a perfect value creation process that has zero waste. In the context of Daily Reporting and data management this means:

  • Optimising the data flow from the point of acquisition to the delivery of analytics and knowledge extraction, removing where possible all manual data entry and processing.
  • This has been achieved by:
    • Harnessing the power of WITSML data sources, Fixed Text Remarks and Operational State Detection to capture, process and deliver the data without intermediation.
    • Using the Anova analytics suite to deliver reports, analyses and KM services directly from the data.




Reduce Manual Data Entry

In the oil & gas industry, operating costs are higher than in most other industries; hence IDS has introduced Lean Automated Reporting and has further developed their applications to reduce the need for end-user manual data entry. To achieve this, data bridges are utilised to work with other data sources, such as WITSML, DSIS and Landmark EDM®. With these integration points, IDS enhances workflows, enables a collaborative environment, and centralises operational knowledge. 


Management Reporting
To aid the prudent operator, regular management reports and executive summaries can be generated and dedicated portals made available to all operational partners for rapid knowledge distribution. The IDS philosophy of Turning Data Into Knowledge by means of our Anova analytics, allows accurate forecasting and benchmarking as well as drilling performance optimisation; all from one integrated web-enabled platform.



  • DrillNet - provides users with a sophisticated web-based solution for capturing, tracking, analysing and reporting on operational activity. DrillNet can be used for reporting Drilling, Completion, Intervention, Workover and Plug & Abandon operations. DrillNet covers the full scope of an operation right from the initial concept to final decommissioning. DrillNet is simple to implement, easy to use and provides global access to unlimited users. With a built-in document manager and a fully searchable database, all current and historical operational information is available at the click of a button.
  • GeoNet - a web-delivered, WITSML enabled reporting solution for the wellsite geologist to capture all operational information necessary to generate and distribute an electronic daily geology report. This application can be used as a stand-alone software service, or in conjunction with DrillNet to streamline operations and take full advantage of the timesaving data continuity that comes from the extensive integration with DrillNet and WITSML imports.
  • CostNet - web-based cost and AFE management tool
  • TourNet - a rig-focused software solution specifically designed to meet the operational reporting requirements of drilling contractor
  • SafeNet - HSE Reporting coupled with Lessons Learned
  • Lessons Learned - users will benefit from the ability to link lessons with operational activity. By doing so, the metadata associated with this point in time (whether it is phase, depth, BHA or many more), is related to the lesson, ensuring lessons can be found and re-used.




Anova  Analytics

Anova Pro provides the end user with decision support where and when it is required, enabling you to analyse data on the go; whether on a PC, tablet or smartphone.

  • Built-in dashboards for performance benchmarking, scorecards and KPIs
  • Powerful query tools for ad hoc analysis
  • Unlimited users, one annual licence fee
  • Access to growing repository of Anova dashboards
  • Weekly, monthly and yearly performance reports

 Typical uses include:

  • NPT & ILT analysis
  • Multi-well comparisons
  • Rig & tour performance
  • Dry hole cost
  • KPI analysis
  • Cost analysis




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