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IDS Celebrates its 20 Year Anniversary of Continuous Global Service to Premier Oil


Nov 2018


Since1998, IDS has provided drilling reporting and geological reporting services to Premier Oil on all its offshore and onshore wells in locations across the world. Working with Premier was pivotal to IDS's move to the web when, as an in-house project, Premier implemented a basic HTML front end to the locally delivered IDS reporting database. Today, these basic drilling reporting services have been complemented with geological, cost and safety reporting while new automation and analytics services promise to help Premier Oil achieve its goals of cost reduction and maximizing the use of data in their upcoming Indonesian, North Sea and Falklands drilling campaigns.

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IDS Improves Data Integrity with Jaspersoft


July 2017



"IDS's goals are to help oil companies transition to the digital oilfield, provide ANOVA-as-a-Service to enable true knowledge sharing, deliver best practices, and grow the customer base," says Chief Technology Officer Reuben Wee. "The major challenge is data quality. It's a concern because every client has their own best practice codes, data format, and data structure, and we needed to make sure we could correlate various best practices and align them for benchmarking. "We also have to look at the secondary data channels proposed by our clients. In data analysis, if there is any doubt at all as to the accuracy or integrity of the data, it is just not usable. If we weren't able to resolve these data quality issues, the benchmark reduces in value.


"Our technology initiative was to find a tool that would help us tell the data story, the facts of their data, but told in their functional design or industrial language. These narratives allow clients to quickly learn and inject those lessons back into their workflow.


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WITSML is the Key Data Source for Automated Daily Drilling Reportsenergistics logo 

July 2017
Independent Data Services uses “lean automated reporting” powered by WITSML™ data to improve the speed and accuracy of reports and free up 1–2 hours per day for the costliest people on a rig.

Inconsistency, Errors, Time and Cost to Prepare the DDR
Drilling systems automation. Well manufacturing. Rig automation. These are all terms that describe the industry’s efforts to use computer technology to automate tasks and activities for improved performance and safety, and reduced costs in drilling operations. While most of the industry is focusing on the crucial first step — automating the physical actions—one company is focused on another key aspect: automating the related reporting, which is also an important part of drilling operations. The daily drilling report (DDR) provides vital information about the last 24 hours of drilling activities, which includes information about the operations performed, progress made, materials used, problems encountered, and more. The DDR is required by operators, partners, and regulators to track progress, performance, safety, and costs. Data from the DDR is also used to optimise the current operation and as offset data to optimise future operations. If the data accuracy is poor, the analysis based on this data will also be poor. The only option is for engineers to spend valuable time on quality control (QC), verifying and correcting data. A typical offshore DDR has grown from 1–2 pages to between 4 and 6 pages, with the activities section (the detailed listing by depth of work and tasks performed, which delivers the operational narrative) often taking about 20–25% of the report “real estate” and more than 50% of the data entry effort. This increased content volume reflects operators’ increased expectation for more detailed and more accurate data. Sensors, wired pipe, and other digital oilfield technologies now automatically capture much of the required data. However, much of the required report data is still entered manually—and typically by the company man or the rig manager, some of the highest paid people on the rig. While hand-written logs were long ago replaced by computerised data entry, even with the most sophisticated systems, completing the DDR can still take as much as 1 to 3 hours each day and this by highly paid personnel, who have many other responsibilities. However dedicated these technical professionals may be, they are still human, which means reports are subject to inconsistencies and errors. These errors can be further compounded if the data is used for future optimisation. 


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There and Back Again: Embedded Data Analytics


June 2017
Seven years ago, we embarked upon the challenging journey into data visualisation and analytics. We set up a small agile team with the task of building dashboards, bespoke reports, and the ability to interact with data stored on our servers. This project was designed on our previous technology stack, which rendered our visualisations in Flash. Shortly after Steve Jobs entitled his open letter “Thoughts on Flash”, it was time for us to shift technology…

After a lengthy investigation into embeddable reporting, visualisation, and data interrogation technologies, we selected TIBCO Jaspersoft. Harnessing the multi-tenancy and embeddability of Jaspersoft, we could very quickly deliver pixel-perfect reports and dashboards to our end users. Additionally, by using JasperReports, we reduced the report generation time from an average of 83 seconds in our legacy system to 8 seconds. We are now in the process of recreating more than 1,000 reports in Jaspersoft Studio, thus not only providing our clients with faster information but also with reports that look aesthetically pleasing. To date, we have discovered that it takes a similar amount of time to create reports and dashboards (in comparison to our legacy system), however, we are continually optimising this process and the team is learning new things every day.

Furthering the use of Jaspersoft Studio, we have created many Custom Visualisation Components (CVC) that are commonly used within oil and gas. Wellbore schematics, safety pyramids, histograms, and parallel coordinates have been developed by our team and released through JasperReports Server whereby our customers can run our custom-built visualisations on their data.

Over the past three years, the oil and gas industry has seen the biggest downturn to date with more than 440,000 jobs lost worldwide at the end of 2016. As the industry begins to adapt to the ‘lower for longer’ mentality, many oil companies are looking at digital technology for answers. With fewer people to perform day-to-day tasks, operators are looking to automate manual work by using technology efficiently (typically moving from MS Excel to Web-Delivered Data management). To that end, Jaspersoft applications have become invaluable in our capability suite, allowing us agility in content creation, data manipulation, and speed of deployment.

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IDS Announces the Appointment of Faazmiar Technology Sdn Bhd as Authorised Representatives in Malaysia

March 2017
IDS is proud to announce the appointment of Faazmiar Technology Sdn Bhd (Faazmiar) as its exclusive representative for the Malaysian market for its range of reporting and analytic products and services.  

IDS Director, Douwe Franssens, firmly believes that this is a good time for IDS to expand its range of services in the Malaysian market; “There are many opportunities today in the Malaysian market, especially for operational reporting capabilities and associated analytics as operators and service providers strive to enhance performance and optimise operations". 

Faazmiar’s Managing Director, Hamid Ahmad commented “It is encouraging that IDS, together with its collaborative partners, is in the position to offer vendor-neutral technologies in the Malaysian market. This technology will assist with the management of petroleum resources in Malaysia as it is envisaged that operators need to move away from legacy reporting systems to WITSML standard web based systems which allow for instant decisions to be made based on key performance data presented in user-friendly dashboards.”


IDS Announces the Appointment of PT Geoservices as Authorised Representatives in Indonesia

March 2017
IDS is proud to announce the appointment of PT Geoservices as its exclusive representative for the Indonesian market for its range of reporting and analytic products and services.

IDS Director, Douwe Franssens, firmly believes that this is a good time for IDS to explore and develop the Indonesian market; “As resources become more scarce, the need for performance related operational reporting capabilities and associated analytics will enable operators, service companies and rig contractors to compete in the local and international markets where continuous performance is essential”.

PT Geoservices Director, Peter Pramana, mentioned IDS, with its Anova Analytics, is the best application for our Indonesia clients so they can analyse their data and make better decisions for their next drilling program. Also with this downturn, drilling performance and efficiency are of primary importance, more and more, operators are turning to the IDS solution to help them achieve these objectives. 


IDS and Kongsberg Digital Sign Cooperation Agreement

9th March 2017























IDS are proud to announce that it has signed a cooperation agreement with Kongsberg Digital (KDI). This new partnership will bring together the KDI and IDS drilling and well construction solutions that are currently being offered to existing and new clients, with combined measured, processed, manual and metadata delivered in a cohesive and valuable manner.

IDS Director, Douwe Franssens, believes the cooperation agreement will allow a further expansion and integration of real-time and reporting data: “Traditionally these data sets have been in silos and operated in isolation, but there are many use cases where the convergence of traditional reporting data and right-time analytics from IDS coupled with Kongsberg’s SiteCom solution delivers a greatly enhanced level of decision support during planning, operation and after-action reviews.”

KDI’s VP of Drilling & Wells, Atle Høgberg, says “This recent extension of IDS´ reporting and analytics capabilities to the SiteCom ecosystem of partners on the Kongsberg digital platform will provide significant improvements for all clients in search of a better understanding of operational efficiencies and performance improvement opportunities, both at macro-scale and while drilling. As we continue adding more partners and capabilities to our platform, our growing client base will see increasing opportunities to derive value from being able to capture, utilise and act on data-driven workflows across the traditional tasks happening today.”



The CDA Challenge: Unstructured Data Mining

16th February 2017
Many organisations struggle with extracting the information stored within unstructured data sets like Word, PDF, Log files and images. IDS took up the challenge set out by CDA to find value in unstructured data collected from 11,000 wells over the last 50 years. This data consisted of documents in a multitude of formats; from scanned typewritten documents, TIFF images and non-digitised logs.

From the outset, the IDS project team agreed that all of these document types should be searchable and utilise a web-based interface. The solution was built on top of the incredibly powerful Elastic Stack, meaning the data was searchable once ingested into the search engine, Elasticsearch.

IDS presented the outcome of the project at a conference hosted by CDA. The end product is delivered in a portal whereby a user can enter an industry known term with the results being returned in a graphical interface. For example – a search for “stuck pipe” would search all documents for this keyword then display the related wells via a split screen with a map beside the related well header data.

Due to the success of the CDA challenge, IDS have incorporated the technologies and learnings in the improved Lessons Learned solution which now allows all lessons entered at any regional location to be searchable at a global level.




IDS ‘DrillNet’ and Anova Analytics Rolled-out at the Maharashtra Institute of Technology

29th March 2016
MITFollowing the successful introduction of the IDS upstream reporting and analysis services to the Colorado School of Mines in 2015, IDS technical consultant Akshay Makhare, leads the inaugural IDS's 'DrillNet' reporting services and 'Anova Analytics' training course for final year students at MIT (Maharashtra Institute of Technology), faculty of Petroleum Engineering, Pune., India.


IDS strongly believes in the next generation of drilling engineers and this is reflected in our strategy of long-term investment in their future by making available world-leading data capture, management and analysis software right at the interface between academia and the Upstream. With large numbers of experienced personnel leaving the industry (and taking their knowledge with them) and at a time when there is a mandate to replace oil imports with nationally exploited reserves, IDS's upstream data-driven analytics will be the principal knowledge resource for these students as they enter the workforce. By providing and supporting our products at no charge to leading academic institutions, IDS confirms its commitment to nurturing the necessary knowledge management culture at the grass roots level.



IDS Announces the Appointment of SK Oilfield Equipment Co Pvt Ltd as its Authorised Representatives in India

5th October 2015
IDS is proud to announce the appointment of SK Oilfield Equipment Co Pvt Ltd as its exclusive representatives for the Indian market for all of its products and services.

IDS Director, Douwe Franssens, firmly believes that this is a good time for IDS to explore and develop the Indian market; "There are many opportunities today in India's growing market, especially for operational reporting capabilities and associated analytics as Indian Operators, Service Companies and Rig Contractors are looking to international markets where continuous performance is essential".

SK Oilfield's Managing Director, Manav Kanwar commented "It is encouraging to see that drilling activity in India has not dropped in 2015; in fact, ONGC is about to award long-term contracts for 15 offshore drilling units. A lot of work needs to be done in India to move away from legacy reporting systems to WITSML standard web based systems which allow for instant decisions to be made based on user-friendly dashboards."



IDS Appoints Geomark Ltd as its Authorised Agent in Egypt

28th September 2015
IDS is proud to announce that GeoMark Ltd has been appointed its exclusive agent for the Egyptian market representing all products and services developed by IDS.


IDS Director, Douwe Franssens, believes this a good time for IDS to explore and develop the Egyptian market; "There are many opportunities in today's market especially for operational reporting capabilities and associated analytics as Egyptian Operators, Service Companies and Rig Contractors are looking to international markets where continuous performance is essential."

GeoMark's Business Development Manager Ahmed Shereba, is confident that the Oil & Gas market in Egypt will benefit from IDS' "Knowledge Management" solutions and believes users will switch to IDS' "web operational reporting solutions" and find it an essential part of their operations.



IDS Embraces HTML - Turning Data into Knowledge


28th September 2015

IDS is proud to announce the release of their enhanced User Interface (UI) for the DataNet2 framework, celebrating 20 years of cutting edge operational reporting in which 3 technologies have been used. The release of DataNet2.5 UI sits solidly upon D2 core yet uses the latest HTML standards. The release will power all our traditional capabilities on any device, computer, tablet or phone without the need to install any applications or Apps. It makes accessing and entering data as well as generating and viewing reports from any of the IDS solutions easier than ever before.

IDS CTO, Reuben Wee; In 2007, when we built D2, the presentation layer was using HTML. In our attempt to build a rich user interface, we found that adopting Flex/Flash was the quickest way to achieve a rich user experience in presenting the data entry forms.

D2.5 marks the return of IDS to the HTML standard as our first choice for delivering solutions to our clients. We decided to move back to HTML for to the following reasons:

• Compatibility - With D2.5, we can now enjoy the benefit of building solutions for mobile devices and traditional browsers without the need for Apps. This is truly a zero-installation solution.
• Speed - D2.5 HTML is performing faster than the Flex/Flash solution
• The end of the Adobe Flash Player - It's widespread use meant that it was also a rich target for security threats. One of the key motivations to start work on the design for the HTML rendering engine.
• Lightweight - D2.5 runs natively on the browser. It does not require any plug-in to be installed in order to run
• Rich Experience - HTML in 2015 is not the same as HTML in 2007. This allows for a more robust and reproducible experience across different browsers.


IDS Successfully Deployed Operational Reporting Service for Entire Noble Fleet


5th June 2013

IDS, a global provider of customised software solutions for the upstream oil and gas industry, has successfully delivered the next generation of reporting capabilities to Noble Corporation's entire global fleet. With a ‘Go-Live’ date of March 1, 2013, IDS successfully delivered to Noble Corporation a rig-centric service called TourNet Pro. This web-based application was specifically designed to meet the operational reporting needs of the global drilling contractor.


Noble Corporation sought out to find an innovative and efficient alternative to their reporting system in order to streamline operations and gain valuable commercial intelligence. Until now, the mandatory IADC report and the required operational reports had been handled in separate processes, meaning the data was not easily used for monitoring KPIs and other crucial deliverables. Noble chose IDS, through an extensive definition and selection process where TourNet Pro came out the front- runner as a web-based system that would centralise the data and allow it to be easily mined for operational knowledge.


IDS developed TourNet Pro to provide Noble with a rig-tailored application that allows captured data to be used continuously while ensuring that data only needs to be entered once. This continuity enhances operations and IADC reporting as well as ensures that the drilling contractor can obtain up-to-date and, where required, up- to-the-minute information pertaining to their fleet. The results can be presented at the touch of a button via on-demand dashboards, as well as exported to any traditional business document format.


TourNet Pro: Revolutionising Rig Reporting


5th March 2013
Building on the innovative portfolio of operational reporting services, IDS would like to introduce the latest addition to the DataNet2 suite. TourNet Pro is the advanced reporting and analytics system providing the unique ability for the drilling contractor to track and analyse their operational performance.


IDS Invests in the Future


6th March 2012
In order to continue to offer the very highest standards of software innovation and user support, IDS today announces its move to new facilities. The Great Eastern tower at the Travilion, Kuching City, Malaysia, is now the new state-of-the-art home for IDS, the largest provider of web-based reporting and analysis services to the upstream oil and gas industry.


IDS Showcases TourNet2


6th March 2012
IDS is showcasing its TourNet2 application at the 2012 IADC/SPE Drilling Conference and Exhibition. The application is available as a web-based tool which will allow Rig Contractors, for the first time, to learn from their data, rather than merely recording it.


VisNet2.0 - A Vision of the Future


6th March 2012
Leading provider of web-based drilling reporting and analysis tools, IDS, is introducing the latest version of its analysis package at the 2012 IADC/SPE Drilling Conference and Exhibition. VisNet2.0 quickly and efficiently provides comprehensive drilling data in dynamic dashboards that can be quickly customised to suit the specific needs of the operator.


Major Collaboration Establishes New Software Testing Hub


16th November 2011
Malaysia - A crucial collaboration is announced today between the Malaysian Software Testing Board (MSTB), Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), Independent Data Services (IDS) and Swinburne University of Technology, Sarawak. A memorandum of understanding has been signed by these four influential organisations, establishing the Sarawak Chapter of the Malaysian Software Testing Hub (MSTH).


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