March 29th 2016

MITFollowing the successful introduction of the IDS upstream reporting and analysis services to the Colorado School of Mines in 2015, IDS technical consultant Akshay Makhare, leads the inaugural IDS's 'DrillNet' reporting services and 'Anova Analytics' training course for final year students at MIT (Maharashtra Institute of Technology), faculty of Petroleum Engineering, Pune., India.


IDS strongly believes in the next generation of drilling engineers and this is reflected in our strategy of long term investment in their future by making available world-leading data capture, management and analysis software right at interface between academia and the Upstream. With large numbers of experienced personnel leaving the industry (and taking their knowledge with them) and at a time when there is a mandate to replace oil imports with nationally exploited reserves, IDS's upstream data driven analytics will be the principal knowledge resource for these students as they enter the workforce. By providing and supporting our products at no charge to leading academic institutions, IDS confirms its commitment to nurturing the necessary knowledge management culture at the grass roots level.

About IDS

IDS has been providing web-delivered operational reporting solutions to the upstream oil and gas industry for over fifteen years. Drilling contractors, operators, and service companies utilise the data management capabilities to obtain crucial insight into their company's operational performance through pre-configured dashboards and advanced benchmarking visualisations. Utilising the skills of industry-experienced engineers in conjunction with advanced IT proficiencies, IDS continues to be at the very forefront as an operational reporting and data analysis provider. As a strong advocate of data integration, IDS's web-delivered solutions minimise data entry while maximising data integrity, enabling companies to increase operational efficiencies.

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