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EPCM Operational Reporting Solution

With almost two decades of providing web-based operational reporting capabilities, IDS has now released a DataNet solution that is completely tailored to the construction industry. For the first time ever, EPCM companies can capture, analyse, and report on any aspect of their operational performance. IDS DataNet paves the way for KPIs to be derived from your unique organisational environment rather than arbitrarily assigned. IDS allows for accurate monitoring of the daily, weekly, and monthly usage of plant, machinery, equipment, as well as human resources so you will always have transparency with regards to productivity and maintenance requirements. HSE lessons learned data is captured to ensure projects are being carried out safely and that mistakes are not repeated. Throughout this all, costs are captured at all levels of the operation in order to obtain an accurate view of the planned and actual progress and associated expenditures.

Reduce Operational Costs by Capturing and Analysing NPT

Capturing non-productive time reins true to be one of the most under-utilised but also the most valuable capabilities in providing opportunities to increase productivity in EPCM companies. The ability to analyse and monitor downtime of equipment and personnel provides you with the knowledge to increase efficiency and significantly reduce operating costs. Operational reporting is based on KPIs that are derived by your organisation rather than generically assigned. IDS DataNet captures hours on equipment, man-hours, and allows for complete tracking of milestones including the critical path views to focus on key indicators as well as the last planner approach to give a more detailed view at the task level.

Advanced Reporting on all Aspects of Project Performance

IDS DataNet is fully configured with all its breakdown structure codes, rules of credit, location, and high-level project sites. DataNet allows for different disciplines of projects, (ie. offshore, onshore, marine) which then define the project behavior. IDS provides the capability of in-depth usage tracking on all plant, equipment and machinery. Performance data and breakdowns through serial number tracking allows for transparency in planned hours versus actual hours which is particularly beneficial in ensuring that rental companies are not over-charging. Apart from asset tracking, IDS also captures crew details such as time sheet data for payroll, as well as certificates, experience, languages, and visas for seamless allocation of human resources to projects.

In this presentation, Douwe Franssens, Director of IDS discusses operational reporting in the upstream industry and explains how IDS has taken those capabilities and evolved them to offer EPCM companies web-delivered operational reporting solutions to monitor their operational performance.

"Operational Reporting in the EPCM World"

Digital Energy Journal - Doing More with Offshore Engineering Data
Kuala Lumpur, October 14, 2014

Please visit http://www.digitalenergyjournal.com

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