IDS is committed to transforming data into knowledge by allowing companies to analyse and report on their operational performance.


To be the leading knowledge management provider in the oil and gas industry as well as other sectors, by not only allowing companies to analyse and report on their operational performance; but also giving them the knowledge to enhance it.

The IDS Advantage
  • Web-Delivered – Global Access Anywhere, Anytime
  • Unlimited Users – No Charge per Seat
  • Electronic Reporting – Streamline Data Management
  • 24/7 Global Support – Conveniently Assist if Needed
  • Fully Indexed – Completely Searchable Database
  • Integrated Solutions – Minimise Manual Data Entry
  • WITSML Powered - Maximise Data Sharing
  • Custom Graphs and Dashboards – Represent Data Visually


Since the company was founded in 1995 in Adelaide Australia, IDS has continued to elevate the standards when it comes to providing innovative web-delivered reporting solutions. The initial mission was to solve the problem of providing that crucial daily drilling report, but to do so electronically and to be able to use that data continuously. That WITSML enabled solution; which coined the name DrillNet, is still used to this day by operators all over the world and is just one example of the time-saving functionality and operational intelligence that can be derived through IDS' suite of software solutions. Since then IDS has expanded to serve more than 200 organisations in over 35 countries. IDS has also grown to over 100 employees and opened sales offices in Kuala Lumpur, Calgary, Houston, and Aberdeen.
IDS has been providing web-delivered operational reporting solutions to the upstream oil and gas industry for over twenty years. Drilling contractors, operators, and service companies utilise the data management capabilities in IDS' DrillNet, GeoNet, and TourNet to obtain crucial insight into their company’s operational performance through pre-configured dashboards and advanced benchmarking visualisations. Utilising the skills of industry-experienced engineers in conjunction with advanced IT proficiencies, IDS continues to be at the very forefront as an operational reporting and data analysis provider. As a strong advocate of data integration, IDS' web-delivered solutions minimise data entry while maximising data integrity, enabling companies to increase operational efficiencies.

IDS provides reporting solutions with enterprise-level capabilities to suit the complex requirements of multi-national oil and gas companies, professional-level solutions for medium-sized companies, as well as basic-level solutions that fit the requirements of junior and emerging companies. A pioneering cost model and 24/7 support centre ensures that all clients are set up to succeed, with a system that supports organisation wide collaboration for the entire drilling project lifecycle, from initial concept to final decommissioning. All reports (including regulatory reports) can be auto-generated and directly sent to a preconfigured list of recipients to maximise knowledge dissemination. Customised reports, graphical visualisations and dashboards can be built from any operational data set. All output is presented in traditional business formats including both Microsoft® Excel and Adobe® PDF.

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